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Associated Contracting, Inc. is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthful work environment. Extensive time and effort are given to employee safety training to assure that each employee understands and works within the safety confines of ACI’s safety policy. Our employees are trained in scaffold erection and general OSHA compliance. Our supervisors are 10-hour OSHA safety certified, and each project has an onsite competent person. All equipment operators are appropriately licensed. Each week, ACI holds onsite safety meetings in addition to supervisors' monthly meetings for specific safety training from the ACI administration.

Employee recommendations to improve safety and health conditions will be given thorough consideration by the Associated Contracting, Inc.’s safety committee. Associated Contracting, Inc. employs U.S. Safety, a regional consulting company, to perform onsite safety inspections and provide reports recommending safety measures to assure ACI and OSHA compliance. These safety reports are then reviewed by ACI’s safety officer and used for correction and training purposes.

The main tenets of ACI’s safety program are:

Safety measures are inspected daily at the job site.

Rigorous and ongoing safety training
•Good housekeeping
• Proper use of protective gear
• Safe handling and use of tools
• Proper lifting techniques
• Safe operation of equipment and vehicles
• Proper techniques for installation and use of scaffolding
• Extensive fall protection protocol
• Regular inspection of electrical devices
• Safe protocol for excavations, trenching and shoring
• Documentation of hazardous materials
• First aid instruction and administration
• Thorough reporting and investigation of all incidents

For a copy of ACI's comprehensive safety program, please call (239) 596-8088 or email info@aci2020.com.


NEW! Learning Center
ACI has just constructed a learning center to better train its employees in a broad spectrum of areas, ranging from general administration to safety seminars, English and applied construction techniques. The facility includes a multimedia center and can accommodate up to 20 trainees at a time.

Jobsite safety orientation meeting. ACI employees are required to wear hard hats on all projects.

Construction of a clock tower at Bella Terra demanded elaborate scaffolding and staging areas.

Scaffolding, staging and guardrails keep crews safe at the Verona job site.

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